About Me


I am a self taught artist living within the beautiful golden plains shire region on the outskirts of Ballarat.

As a young child I grew up in the bush and was in love with creatures. I would drive my mother mad bringing home blue tongue lizards, a baby mouse (only once) a baby eagle which had fallen from its nest and various bugs and insects!
During these many hours outside interacting with the environment I was able to observe and enjoy the endless combinations of colours in nature. I was constantly robbing my father’s office of printer paper when he wasn’t looking, so I could go off and sketch. Despite my love for art I ended up with a Commerce degree and went on to work in Melbourne CBD in a non-creative Accounting career for 20 odd years.

Finally a few years ago my husband and I moved to seven acres of land nestled in rolling hills and surrounded by bush-land and native animals. I felt like I finally came home...Every morning I look out of my windows and see amazing colours in the sunrise, kookaburras, cockatoos, kangaroos, foxes, hares, the occasional tawny frogmouth owl and many other typical Australian creatures. I now have a dedicated space to pursue my passion and although my main job is being a mother to a lively little boy, I paint as often as I am able to.....finally after all the lost years I am producing finished artworks which to my absolute delight are being purchased and are now gracing the walls of peoples homes. It is such an honour to know that my art occupies a space in somebody else’s heart and home.

My art has been described as striking, bold and at times, whimsical. I take inspiration from colourists and impressionists and delight in bold vibrant colours and moody atmospheric scenes with interesting lighting. I paint in two styles, realism and abstract/semi-abstract with colourist elements in both.  I paint from the natural world, animals, plants and landscapes always using plenty of colour.

My hope is that my artworks bring as much sunshine and joy into your world as they did in mine whilst they were being created.